• Items are hired to the hiree (client) with the understanding that they will be returned to the hirer (Elegant Suit Hire) in the same undamaged condition.
  • Clients who hire items take full responsibility for the merchandise at its current selling value until the items are returned.
  • All merchandise remains the property of Elegant Suit Hire at all times.
  • Elegant Suit Hire accepts no responsibility for damaged, missing, or incorrect items once they have been accepted by the client and left the store.
  • In the event that an unforeseen circumstance prevents a timeous return, the Elegant Suit Hire must be notified immediately.
  • Customers must not wash the items that they hire – due to specialized cleaning requirements, all cleaning is organized by Elegant Suit Hire.
  • If no security deposit is taken, the items are hired out to the customer in good faith. If, upon return, the items are in poor condition, additional charges will be implemented to repair the damage.
  • Suit covers and hangers are loaned at no extra cost, but are subject to a charge equal to the replacement cost if not returned or if damaged.
  • Clients accept that in the event of a cancellation, refunds are at the discretion of Elegant Suit Hire. The branch must be notified of the cancellation immediately and all items must be returned. No refund will be made for clients who kept the items for the full rental period, regardless of whether or not they were worn/used.
  • Elegant Suit Hire accepts no responsibility to the client for third-party loss, damaged to property, or injury to person(s) in any form – hired items are used at the client’s own risk.